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Hello reader! 


Get ready to immerse yourself in a world ñ a universe, at that ñ reimagined, in THE FIRST exciting issue of ZORS of TERRA™! 


Set 45 million years ago on Terra, a planet just like Earth in a parallel reality, the ZORS, prompted by Dr. Velox, embark on an 

arduous mission to get behind the mystery of gargantuan cataclysmic proportions that is shaking the foundation, quite 

LITERALLY and figuratively, of their history and their very existence. 


This series goes out to all the kids, their parents, and those young-at-heart. We aim to create a sense of nostalgia akin to what you might have experienced back in the good olí days of the 80s, and 90sÖ all fun, and easy. ZORS of TERRA packs in the adventure, the laughter, and excitement that will bring out the child in everyone.




Zors of Terra

65 million years ago, a giant asteroid dense with bio-tech struck Terra, an "Earth" in a parallel universe. The destructive impact imbued the entire planet with a transformative mineral, dubbed H.e.X., that deviated the extinction of dinosaurs and shifted their evolution into high gear changing the landscape and its surviving inhabitants into an advanced civilization. But now, after millions of years into the future, nature's course seems to be catching up, as a yet-unknown threat of eradication looms over its, and so the citizens have called on a specialized team to help save them... the ZORS of TERRA.   

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