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TOPS™, The Seasoned Leader of the Zors of Terra™

Tops, a seasoned warrior with 24 battles and 7 major wars in the past 50 sol-cycles, emerged as the natural choice to lead the ZORS. During the Ichthiosus skirmish, he single-handedly rescued his unit and over 450 Terrazoris from savage nomads, an incident that almost cost him half his body, a tale now legendary. Tops, credited with naming "Zors," envisioned it as a mighty team accessible to every citizen of Terra, fostering unity and strength. Read more about Tops in Zors of Terra #1

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NYKUS™, Skilled Warrior of the Zors of Terra™

Nykus, shrouded in mystery, revealed his exceptional skills in restraining a Synapsian invasion unit 12 sol-cycles ago. As part of the secretive Raptoris clan, he co-founded the Prohibition and Security Council of Terra, proposing the formation of a specialized team to combat threats swiftly and effectively. Nykus, the mastermind behind the Zors, operates from the shadows, ever silent and poised to confront any impending danger. Read more about Tops in Zors of Terra #1

RAJ™, Brains & Brawn of the Zors of Terra™

Raj, the sole survivor of Dr. Velox's successful experiments, emerged from preserved Tyrannosaurid remains. Seeking enhancements, she collaborated with Dr. Velox to pioneer the iconic cybernetic and TK implants that turned her into the team's powerhouse. Her innovations in bio-cybernetic integration were instrumental in crafting Tops' mechanical arm and visor. Read more about Tops in Zors of Terra #1

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